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Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling (L2CCA) L2 Moston E

05th October 2019

The Level 2 qualification is for those who have had some experience in coaching angling and would like to lead in a position of coaching whether independently, within a club or at a fishery.

Developed in partnership with the UK Angling Source Group, the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling (QCF) is designed to provide learners aged 17 and over with knowledge and understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of coaching angling. The level of knowledge recognised in this qualification will enable them to develop an understanding of the safe, ethical and effective coaching of angling. Those who complete this Certificate will be able to deliver angling coaching sessions to adults and children in an appropriate environment.


Programme Outline:

The course covers both practical and theoretical elements of coaching including planning, conducting and evaluating your coaching activity. The Level 2 also covers safe and equitable coaching practice as well as lifestyle and participant development.

**Course Dates

  • Saturday 5th October 2019
  • Sunday 6th October
  • Saturday 2nd November
  • Sunday 3rd November
    Closing date for applications Friday 30th August

Modules covered in the Level 2 Certificate include:

Understanding the Fundamentals of Coaching Sport
Understanding How to Develop Participants through Coaching Sport
Supporting Participants' Lifestyle through Coaching Sport
Understanding the Principles of Safe and Equitable Coaching Practice
Plan a Series of Angling Coaching Sessions
Prepare the Angling Coaching Environment
Deliver a Series of Angling Coaching Sessions
Monitor and Evaluate Angling Coaching Sessions

How much does it cost?

The course costs £345 and is delivered over 4 days. (The Learner fees include registration, resources, tuition and certification but not travel, meals or accommodation.) Applicants will need to hold suitable current and recent training for Emergency First Aid and UK Coaching* Safeguarding & Protecting Children before a Level 2 certificate can be awarded.

* Safeguarding training MUST be sourced from UK Coaching: other Safeguarding certificates are not accepted for Level 2 coaching courses or L2 coach licensing.

Before you book any training, to ensure that you select a workshop/course that meets the requirements, please email to check with the Coaching Centre Administrator who can advise on suitable workshops. It isn't necessary to delay booking a Level 2 course because you don't yet hold First Aid or UKC Safeguarding as you can supply the evidence later on, and there will be information supplied with your confirmation of booking.

Applicants for a Level 2 course should already hold a 1st4sport Level 1 Award/Certificate in Coaching Angling or an exemption confirmation document (L1-EX-02) issued by the Angling Trust Coaching Centre and will need to supply the appropriate evidence in connection with their application for a Level 2 course.

If you wish to enquire about the possibility of exemption from Level 1, please email to consult the Coaching Centre Manager as to what you would need to supply in support of this.

The Coaching Centre can't register you as a Learner on a Level 2 course until your certification at Level 1 (or your exemption from Level 1) has been confirmed. If you are planning to undertake Level 1 and Level 2 in quick succession, you should be aware that you'll typically need to allow at least 4 weeks between the last day of your Level 1 course and the booking deadline (not the start date) of your preferred Level 2 event.

There are no concessionary rates for coaching course fees, but if you are fortunate enough to secure funding from a third party we can arrange to invoice directly, providing your sponsor supplies the appropriate authorisation.

How soon will I be qualified?

You have to attend all the course dates in the set order and complete all the work to the required standard. Your work must be assessed and internally verified before the Coaching Centre can apply to 1st4sport for a certificate in your name. Typically this should be complete approximately four weeks after you finish your course, but if your attendance is interrupted or any of your work is submitted late or incomplete, then this would delay the results.

You must also have supplied evidence of the required First Aid and UK Coaching Safeguarding training before your coursework can be signed off for certification.

Once your certificate is issued to Angling Trust's Coaching Centre, it will be forwarded to you as quickly as possible along with your completed coursework portfolio.

Please note that a 1st4sport qualification does NOT provide you with insurance for your coaching activities. This is associated with Coach Licensing, and you will be offered the means to apply for a licence when you finish your coaching course. Licensed status can't be conferred automatically — you have to apply and meet the criteria as outlined in the application pack.

This event has ended.



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