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SilverFish 2. Packington Somers Fisheries

12th October 2019

Silverfish is exactly what it says on the tin, an individual Silverfish event where the top angler in every 15 peg zone qualifies through to the Grand Final with an estimated prize pot of over £14,000!

Qualifiers take in both natural venues and commercial fisheries, spanning the north, midlands and south, meaning whatever style of angling you are into, and wherever you are based, there will be a qualifier for you.

Both AT members and Non-AT members are welcome, with a £25 and £40 price point to boot, making this another cracking value contest with a BIG money final at Hallcroft Fishery.

SilverFish Rules

Ticket Information

Section/s Lake/s: Gearys, Little Gearys, Molands
Local Contact: John Birchall 07956 00809
Local Rules:
Optional Pools: £20
Draw: 09:00
Fishing 11:00 - 16:00
You must print a copy of your e-ticket and take it with you to the event and hand to the organiser upon registration.

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2. Packington Somers (AT Member)


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Packington Somers (Non AT member)




Packington Somers,
Stonebridge Golf Centre,
Somers Road, Coventry, CV7 7PL

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