Frequently Asked Questions

Displayed below are a number of frequently asked questions to help you with this site. If you cannot find an answer to a question you have then please contact the Competitions Department on 0115 8224519

How do I book tickets?

You can view a short video below that demonstrates how to log in and book tickets:

How do I join the Angling Trust?

You can join the Angling Trust in minutes by visiting or you can contact the Membership Department on 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1)

How do I renew my Angling Trust membership?

You can renew online by visiting or you can contact the Membership Department on 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1)

How do I get my log in details for the online booking system?

Existing members will have received an email on 23rd January 2017. The email will contain your username and password, to log in to the site click the Log In tab on the home page of the booking site and enter your details.

New members of the Angling Trust will receive an email once your membership application has been processed. This email will contain your username and password, to log in to the site click the Log In tab on the home page of the booking site and enter your details.

Do I need to be a member of Angling Trust to book tickets for competitions or events?

No, not all competitions and events are members only: the event information page will explain whether you need to be a member. The majority of competitions are members only, Fish O Mania and RiverFest are two examples of members only events.

How long after signing up as a new member will it take before I get my log in details?

It may take up to a maximum of 3 hours to receive your log in details via email. It is a computer generated email so there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. Once you have received the email with your username and password, click the Log In tab on the home page of the booking site and enter your details.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

If you forgot your password you can click the Log In tab along the top right of the booking site home page, from here click the Forgot Password tab and enter your membership number then Submit. You will receive an email containing a link the reset your password, follow the link and enter a new password. You can only use this link once so if you forget your password at a later date you must repeat the process outlined in this answer.

I haven't received an email?

The most likely reason for not receiving an email is because it has been caught in your spam or junk folder. Please check junk or spam folder for the email, once found you can open and mark 'as safe' or 'not junk'. Future emails should arrive in your inbox. Another possible reason for an email going astray is an incorrect email address on your Angling Trust membership record. You can log into the members area by following this link and select Members Area Log In, sign in using your AT membership details check the email address is correct. If you amend your details it may take up to 2 hours before you will receive emails following any purchases you make on the booking site. If you have followed these steps and still do not receive an email please contact us and we will help you with your query.

I forgot my Angling Trust membership number: what do I do?

You can contact the Membership Department on 0343 5077006 (For Membership enquiries select Option 1) to get your membership number.

How do I contact the Competitions Department or Coach Licensing Department?

You can contact the Competitions Department by email, telephone or in writing:
Competitions Department: Sandra Johnson 0115 822 4519
Competitions Department: Kirsty Marshall 0115 822 4532
Coach Licensing Department: Angela Woodgates 0115 822 4538
by post:
Angling Trust
The Old Police Station
Wharncliffe Road

Office opening hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

Can I access the booking site from my mobile?

Yes the booking system is mobile friendly, you can log on and purchase tickets from your mobile device.

Why are all competitions not listed?

Only competitions with tickets available for purchase currently or in the near future via the online booking system are listed on the site.

Can I purchase multiple tickets?

Yes, you can purchase multiple tickets: however you must complete a single transaction for each ticket, you cannot add multiple tickets and make a single purchase.

How will I get my ticket?

You will receive an email following each successful purchase, attached to the email will be an e-ticket. You must print your ticket and take it with you to your chosen event.

I cannot print my ticket, what shall I do?

You can forward the email you received containing your e-ticket to a member of the Competitions team and request we send you a hard copy. See How do i contact the Competitions Department for contact details.

How do I get a receipt for my purchase?

You will receive an email following each successful transaction, this email will contain receipt of purchase. Please keep this email for your records.

How do I get a refund?

You can get a full refund by contacting the Competitions Department to request a refund. You must notify us in writing no later than 7 days prior to the date of the event, applications received inside the 7 day period will not be processed. You can notify us by email or by post, we recommend you contact us with your request via email.

To request a refund via email please contact including your name, membership number & postcode, and the name & date of qualifier you would like to cancel.

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

No, tickets are non-transferrable, if you cannot take part in the event please contact the Competitions Department and we will issue a refund, subject to conditions of our refund policy.

There are no tickets left for the event I want to take part in, will you contact me if more become available?

Yes, for competitions like Fish O Mania and RiverFest there is a Subscribe to News feature on the Angling Trust web page for these events. If you would like to be notified when tickets become available for your favoured event then please click the Subscribe to News button and enter your details. If tickets become available then we will email you to notify you that tickets have been added to the booking site, these tickets will be sold on a first come first served basis.

When do Fish O Mania tickets go on sale?

Fish O Mania tickets will go on sale from 10.30am on 29th January 2018.

How does Round 1 & Round 2 work for Fish O Mania tickets?

Round 1: Members will be able to book a maximum of 2* (To be confirmed) tickets per person, this enables every angler who wishes to fish in the competition to get at least 1 ticket for the competition. Round 1 will open at 10.30am on 29th January 2018 and close at 23.59 on Thursday 8th February 2018.
Round 2: All remaining tickets will be allocated to Round 2 and there are no restrictions on how many tickets can be bought during this period. Round 2 opens at 10.30am on 13th February 2018 and will remain open until the Wednesday 3:30pm (for qualifiers taking place at the weekend) or Monday 11:00am (for qualifiers taking place on Wednesdays) before the date of the qualifier.
Please check the information page of the qualifier you would like to fish for exact ticket sales information.

Can I turn up on the day without a ticket to compete in Fish O Mania or RiverFest qualifiers?

Yes, you can turn up in the day in the hope of getting a ticket for a qualifier however there are no guarantees tickets will be available. On the morning of the event you must make yourself known to the organiser, If tickets are available you must make a payment of the entry fee, plus any pools.

Will Angling Trust sell my information?

No, your information will not be sold to any third parties. We may, on occasion send you information on behalf of our partners.